Reiterating the Importance of Security

Written on January 27, 2013 by Victoria

We have discussed the many reasons a person should be vigilant about online security. There really is no way around going online to do some kind of activity. Today, classes and even homework is given and reinforced online. So instead of remaining backward or hiding from the inevitability of the Internet, it is better to know how to protect yourself and to exert all the necessary effort to do this.


The problem is that we often do not think negative things will happen to us. As long as it is a hypothetical, then it’s importance is not deeply felt. Let’s look at the latest case of online security fraud that has caught the nation’s headlines. Footballer Manti Te’o and his girlfriend who supposedly died from leukemia but who in fact never existed is a classic example of how online security must be strictly applied. The latest news that the image of his girlfriend was actually a picture stolen off Facebook is further proof that it can happen to anyone, anywhere.

Let’s remember to be safe and to apply our Internet security protocol at all times.

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